Pro Display XDR update with Apple Silicon one of many in-development monitors

Apple's Pro Display XDR

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Apple's next monitor releases will include an update to the Pro Display XDR, with multiple screens allegedly in development that will use Apple Silicon to improve performance.

When Apple introduced the Studio Display, it included an A13 chip to handle features such as Center Stage and Spatial Audio processing. For Apple's follow-up monitor launches, it will employ the same principle.

Apple has multiple new external displays in development, so says Mark Gurman in his "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, with the list including an update to the Pro Display XDR. While details of the model's specifications aren't mentioned, Gurman does admit it is possible the screen could ship after the launch of a new Apple Silicon Mac Pro, as the computer is further in development.

The Pro Display XDR launched in 2019 at the same time as the current Intel-based Mac Pro.

The new monitors will include Apple Silicon in some form, the newsletter continues, in the same fashion as the Studio Display. The chip handles processing of display-related tasks, taking part of the workload off the connected Mac, as well as enabling some extra features.

In the Studio Display, this included handling Center Stage, a feature that automatically zoomed and reframed the built-in webcam's video feed for FaceTime calls, so that the user was always in frame.

Earlier rumors about the Pro Display XDR successor propose it having a 7K resolution, and that it could use a 32-inch screen.

Along with a new Pro Display XDR, the Studio Display could be joined by the previously-rumored Studio Display Pro, which is speculated to have a 27-inch display using mini LED and ProMotion. However, while it was speculated in May to launch in October, that launch did not materialize, making early 2023 more plausible.