Best Mac Studio Deals

Best Mac Studio Deals

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Today's best Mac Studio deals

The best deals on the recently-announced Mac Studio are in effect today. The diminutive computer was first announced a short time ago during the March 2022 "Peek Performance" Apple Event, and retailers are already offering deals on this hot new tech. You can order the powerful Mac Studio right now and save money while doing so — to the tune of $150 off.

The Mac Studio is the latest iteration of Apple's desktop platform that utilizes the lightning fast M1 Ultra processor, all contained in a perfectly portable, compact package, around the same size of two Mac mini computers stacked on top of each other. It's Apple's most powerful desktop outfitted with Apple Silicon to date, all while remaining a modular platform.

It features either an M1 Max or M1 Ultra processor, up to six Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI, 10GB Ethernet, 2x USB-A, and SDXC ports, all in a 3.7-inch tall aluminum chassis. You can build it to your liking, alongside your own parts such as a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other peripherals. It's meant to be paired with the luxe Studio Display, which also first made its debut during the 2022 March event.

Mac Studio desktop computer

Apple Mac Studio

The 2022 Mac Studio can be configured with the M1 Max chip -- or the brand-new, high-end M1 Ultra chip. The latter supports up to 128GB of RAM.
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The Studio Display is a 27-inch 5K panel with 600 nits of brightness and P3 color. It features a direct Thunderbolt connection that allows it to support macOS features, including True Tone. It also comes packing a three USB-C ports in the back as well as a 12MP ultra-wide webcam and six-speaker sound system that includes Spatial Audio support.

The new pro display starts at $1,599 and is configurable with additional stands or nano-texture display, depending on which better fits your budget.

Best Mac Studio financing incentives

You can further extend your savings on the Mac Studio using the store card offers below.

B&H/Payboo Credit Card

If you're in the market for a Mac Studio, you can still save some cash if you decide to purchase one through B&H Photo Video. The retailer's Payboo Credit Card is one great option that you can use to create your own custom discount in a way, as its exclusive benefits are seriously worth looking into. 

Cardholders can choose between the "Save the Tax" instant savings benefit (eligible in certain states) or special financing on qualifying purchases made with the card. For those who opt for the "Save the Tax" benefit, that means B&H will apply an instant reward to customers' Payboo cards equal to the sales tax they would have paid.

It's an instant reward, and buyers can then see it applied straight to their order. This means you're saving a bit more on your purchase, so long as you live in a state where these benefits are valid. That's extra money coming off of your Mac Studio purchase without having to wait for a specific retailer or a sale. 

Adorama Edge Credit Card

Sign up for an Adorama Edge Card for use via the Adorama website or app. It gives you a 5% discount on all purchases or special financing on purchases that meet certain requirements. You may only use it at Adorama, much like the B&H Payboo card, but it's well worth applying for the offers it provides. 

Any purchase you make with the Edge card nets you 5% off. If you choose this option, you do not receive any special financing options. If you choose to go with financing options, your purchase must fall within the $199 to $799.99 price range for 6-month special financing or $800 for 12-month special financing. 

You'll be able to finance your purchase with zero interest within the time allotted to you if you meet one of these conditions. Both offers should help you knock a little off of your Mac Studio pricing, and something is absolutely better than nothing. 

Mac Studio Pricing

Comparing prices across top retailers is simple with the AppleInsider Apple Price Guides. Check the guides for exclusive coupon savings and instant cash discounts on nearly any Mac computer. Here's how to access the Mac Studio-specific Price Guides, with some of 2022's best Mac Studio and Studio Display deals going on now:


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