Best Apple Watch Deals

Best Apple Watch Deals

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Best Apple Watch deals this December

Apple Watch styles are carried at a wide variety of resellers, from Amazon and B&H Photo, to Adorama and Best Buy. Each retailer offers its own set of perks, from free shipping to special financing incentives, such as 5% off with the Adorama Edge Card, so it pays to shop around to find the lowest prices on your favorite styles.

2022 models on sale now

Price comparison shopping

The AppleInsider Apple Watch Price Guide tracks the top discounts on multiple generations, from the Series 3, which starts at $199 (retail), to the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE. Double-digit and triple-digit savings are in effect this October, with discounts up to $100 off.

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Apple Watch sales are going on now, even on the latest models
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Choosing the best Apple Watch for you

There are a variety of factors that go into finding the perfect watch to fit your needs. Budget of course is paramount, but existing Watch users with last year's model can also be left wondering if it's worth upgrading. We're breaking down what each generation offers so you can make the best choice based on your individual circumstances.

Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 didn't get a new design, but it has a new temperature sensor, processor, and Crash Detection. Owners of recent Apple Watch models likely won't need to upgrade, but the new features could be critically important to some.

Apple Watch Series 8 has a temperature sensor and Crash Detection
Apple Watch Series 8 has a temperature sensor and Crash Detection

The temperature sensor is particularly vital to those who ovulate and want to track their cycles. Once it has a baseline temperature from a week of tracking a user's body temperature while sleeping, it can retroactively determine if a person has ovulated. This information can be very useful for planning pregnancy.

Crash Detection is a new feature available in the 2022 Apple Watch lineup and every iPhone 14 model. It uses accelerometers, a g-force sensor, and advanced algorithms to determine if someone was in a car crash. The Apple Watch will then call emergency services if the user is unresponsive.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is available from $399. The aluminum model is available in midnight, starlight, silver, and PRODUCT(RED). Stainless steel models come in graphite, gold, and silver.

Apple Watch Ultra

The rugged Apple Watch Ultra was built with the extreme athlete and explorer in mind. It can withstand harsh conditions like arid deserts and freezing mountain peaks.

Apple Watch Ultra is Apple's large and rugged wearable option
Apple Watch Ultra is Apple's large and rugged wearable option

This Apple Watch has all of the features found in Apple Watch Series 8 wrapped in a tough titanium exterior. The 49mm case is the biggest ever on an Apple Watch, and its sapphire-covered display is also the brightest at 2,000 nits.

Even if you're not going to dive 100M or endure temperatures from -20 C to 55 C, this is still a great model for large watch lovers. Take advantage of the Action Button to program an action or shortcut for instant access to any feature, or sound a loud siren to help others find you in the wilderness.

All the latest health and safety features are here too. Keep track of your heart rate during workouts, perform an ECG, track your sleep, or be notified of a possible ovulation thanks to temperature tracking.

The Apple Watch Ultra is only available in one size with a natural titanium finish. It is priced at $799 and has three unique band options — Alpine, Trail, and Ocean.

SE (2nd Generation)

Apple Watch Series SE 2

Apple Watch SE 2

The Apple Watch SE 2 has a Retina display with up to 1000 nits of brightness.
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The updated Apple Watch SE uses the S8 SiP processor, offers Crash Detection, and starts at a new, lower price. First-generation owners won't need to upgrade, but newcomers should definitely consider this updated budget model.

The rear casing is made of a color-matched plastic composite
The rear casing is made of a color-matched plastic composite

Since the Apple Watch Series 3 is discontinued and no longer supported by watchOS, the new Apple Watch SE is the best starting point in Apple's wearable lineup. It has the same design as the Apple Watch Series 4 and offers health sensors like heart rate and gyroscopes.

To ensure it could be priced as little as possible, Apple didn't include sensors for taking an ECG, measuring blood oxygen, or the new temperature sensor. But, it does have the latest processor and Crash Detection.

This budget model starts at $249 for the 40mm case, or $299 for the 44mm case. It comes in three colors — midnight, starlight, and silver.

Series 7 (discontinued)

The Apple Watch Series 7 is still a great option for anyone who doesn't care about temperature sensing or Crash Detection. Customers who already have the Series 6 may want to skip this model, however.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has tougher display glass and an even bigger screen
The Apple Watch Series 7 has tougher display glass and an even bigger screen

The display was stretched to go even closer to the edge, and the increased screen real estate allows for improved watch faces and apps. Apple even included a full-sized keyboard for swipe typing and improvements to apps like Calculator.

The display glass was more durable too with improved impact resistance compared to the Series 6. The case was also been improved with better resistance to dust and dirt ingress.

Customers who are interested in features like sleep tracking will be happy to hear that the Apple Watch Series 7 has a fast charge mode when used with its new charger. Eight minutes on the charger will allow for eight hours of sleep tracking, so it is easier than ever to have your Apple Watch ready for bed when you are.

The Apple Watch Series 7 started at $399 (the price as the Series 6), but it came in a new set of colors. Midnight, Starlight, green, blue, and (PRODUCT)RED were available with the same selection of bands.

Seasonal deals

Apple Watch sales are often plentiful around seasonal holidays, with retailers discounting current and closeout models due to the popularity of the device as a holiday gift.

Black Friday 2022 discounts offered $60 off the Apple Watch Ultra, while multiple Series 8 styles were $50 off.

Be sure to bookmark this page for December 2022 savings on the new Series 8, SE 2 and Ultra models to ensure you're scoring the best Apple Watch deals available.


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