Apple shares details of AirTag firmware updates

Apple's AirTag

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Apple has updated its item tracker's firmware twice since November but didn't disclose what the updates entailed. Now, a new AirTag support article lets users see what's changed.

Apple updated the AirTag on November 10 to version 2.0.24. The update, detailed by Apple and spotted by 9to5Mac, enables Precision Finding to help users locate an unknown AirTag following them. The AirTag also will emit a noise.

The feature is part of Apple's commitment to prevent people from using an AirTag to stalk others.

Apple also updated AirTag on December 12 to version 2.0.36. This update fixed a bug where the accelerometer was not activating in certain scenarios.

While users typically have ways to update devices' firmware manually, there is no such option for AirTag. Instead, users have to wait for it to occur on its own.

You can check the firmware version of your AirTag via the Find My app on your phone. Once in Find My, tap the relevant AirTag, then tap the battery icon for the AirTag — this will display the serial number and the firmware version.